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Huiying Li

Associate Professor, Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Faculty, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging

Systems biology of human microbiome and diseases, metagenomics

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Work Email Address:

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Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging
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CNSI 4338
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CNSI 4339

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(310) 983-3212 Lab
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(310) 206-5585 Office

Research Interest:

My research interest is to understand the gene regulation and protein interaction networks in organisms at a systems level. I have previously applied bioinformatics, X-ray crystallography and gene expression profiling to study protein functions and interactions in metabolism and infectious diseases. My current research focuses on understanding the human microbiome (the collective genome of trillions of microorganisms in human microflora) and its interactions with the host in relation to human health and diseases. Using a systems biology approach, including high-throughput genome sequencing, metagenomic microarrays and computational modeling, the aim of the research is to detect signature microflora patterns and to develop diagnostic markers and therapeutics for microorganism-related human diseases. By combining computational and experimental approaches, the ultimate goal of my research is to understand the human-microflora symbiotic system at both molecular level and systems level.

Selected Publications:

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Ochoa Maria T, Teles Rosane, Haas Blake E, Zaghi Danny, Li Huiying, Sarno Euzenir N, Rea Thomas H, Modlin Robert L, Lee Delphine J A role for interleukin-5 in promoting increased immunoglobulin M at the site of disease in leprosy. Immunology. 2010; 131(3): 405-14.
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