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Jennifer Murphy

Member, Molecular Pharmacology GPB Home Area, Physics & Biology in Medicine GPB Home Area
Faculty, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging, Molecular & Medical Pharmacology

Modern methods for the construction of carbon-fluorine bonds

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CNSI 4310, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging
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CNSI 4321, Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging

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(310) 825-7548

Selected Publications:

Anthony R. Mazzotti, Michael G. Campbell, Pingping Tang, Jennifer M. Murphy, Tobias Ritter Palladium(III)-catalyzed fluorination of arylboronic acid derivatives. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013; 135(38): 14012-14015.
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Julian Nomme; Jennifer M. Murphy; Ying Su; Natasha D. Sansone; Amanda L. Armijo; Steven T. Olson; Caius G. Radu; Arnon Lavie Structural characterization of new deoxycytidine kinase inhibitors rationalizes the affinity determining moieties of the molecules. Acta Cryst 2014; D70: 68-78.
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Levandowski, B.J.; Gamache, R.F.; Murphy, J.M.*; Houk, K.N.* Readily accessible ambiphilic cyclopentadienes for bioorthogonal labeling. J. Am. Chem. Soc 2018; 140: 6426-6431.